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Making the new kid, the COOL kid 


How do you launch a new non-profit and resurrect positive energy back into the community?

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As a new emerging non-profit, Cool Kids, was eager to restore a feeling to a community of people that have been promised resources but received the bare mininum. Their vision was to bridge the leadership gap, making it easier for young and old community members to come together in a shared, safe space.


We needed to ensure that all Cool Kids communications were community-focused and fun. Our approach was to bring the vision and mission of Cool Kids to non-traditional spaces. Our creativity and Cool Kid's determination, allowed for people of all ages, sexes, and people from all social-economic backgrounds.

Strategy: We identified Cool Kid's early supporters through surveying and email campaigns. We then framed the connections between the individual vs. the collective community. "Wouldn't it be cool to do something cool?"


Social: We brought the brand to life with social videos and imagery, making it exciting to serve. Images of past events with energetic, fun captions help grow their social media presence. As social media platforms evolved, our community evolved. 


Highlight: Cool Kids host an Annual Winter Toyland Event that serves a dual purpose. It provides under-resourced community members the opportunity to serve and receive. 


  • Increased followers by 50%

  • 1000 social media impressions.

  • 300+ Toys were given to children in the Bronx and Harlem.

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