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Helping a new brand take its first steps.


How do we get the community to trust that we want to invest in their success?


As a new emerging non-profit, Successful Steps set its sights on helping people in their Careers, Colleges, and Communities. 


We built relationships with the Successful STEPS leadership team to help identify the goal and mission of this non-profit. We wanted to take a transparent approach to help foster a more meaningful relationship between brand and community.

Strategy: Worked closely with the Successful STEPS team to better understand the mission.  Created an online persona, that helps build trust in the community.  


Social:  We, built an online presence based on research and target marketing.  Through the use of video and imagery, we established a bond with our online visitors.

Highlight: We also created a MENTAL HEALTH TOOLKIT as a resource guide that generated +100 in download.



  • Created a website that boosts 100+ visitors a month.

  • Help generate 225k in scholarship awards 

  • Monthly Email campaign blast Increased social media presence by 86%

  • 5000+ social media accounts reached impressions.

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