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Google did something really cool, and we might be missing it

When you open Google Chrome Browser, you're greeted with a short video game when you open your Google Chrome browser. However, this is more than a game. Google has found a way to bring Black History, STEM, and Video Games together.

Jerry Lawson was an African American engineer who worked on the development of home video game consoles. He was one of the first engineers to develop a cartridge-based gaming system. His work helped to revolutionize the gaming industry and paved the way for the modern gaming consoles we know today.

To honor his legacy, Google has created an interactive STEM-based game called "Jerry Lawson's Game Maker". The game allows players to design their own game using basic coding concepts. Players can choose from a variety of game elements, such as characters, backgrounds, and obstacles, to create unique game levels. As players progress, they can unlock new levels and features, and eventually create a fully functional game.

The game is designed to teach players the basics of coding and game design, while also providing a fun and engaging way to learn. The game is available to play on the Google Play Store and can be played on both desktop and mobile devices. Click here to learn more

This a great way to bring worlds together to learn, grow and play! Great job, Google. Long live Jerry Lawson



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